We offer consultation and strategic planning to schools, organisations and individuals in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Each school or university consultation is treated individually, and plans are catered for the context and culture of each organisation. Our consultation services involve:

  • School startup and development projects.
  • School governing body and board development.
  • Professional development for educational leaders and teachers.
  • Curriculum development for International Baccalaureate (IB), IGCSE, GCSE, British NC, Common Core and other local country requirements.
  • School evaluation and accreditation support (IB, NEASC, CIS, Ofsted, KHDA and other local and international ministries of education and higher education).


Growth in technology is evident in all aspects of life and learning. Students are far more engaged with technology and schools across the globe are constantly considering ways to use technology and applications effectively in school for learning, teaching and facilitating effective online learning environments.
We will support you with:
  • School technology and policy development.
  • Developing easy to use learning and teaching environments for face to face, online or blended education.
  • Learning, teaching and assessment practices training for online and virtual learning focussed on best practices involving inquiry and relevancy.
  • Learning and teaching for skills development.


Collaborative planning and ongoing professional learning is crucial towards a school’s written, taught and assessed curriculum. These aspects also consider content, but also the development of 21st century skills and social-emotional learning. This also includes health, body and mind education, as well as wellbeing planning for all members of the school community.
Education that has a holistic view enables the development of every individual’s social, emotional, mental, physical, creative talents and intellectual capacity. This supports the enhancement of well-balanced approaches towards learning and the world we live in. We can support you with developing your school’s curriculum and environment, which is centered on health and wellbeing leadership.


A relentless focus on best learning and teaching practices is the most powerful way to improve and sustain student and teacher outcomes. Quite often, teacher professional learning focuses on short-term strategies that have a minimal sustainable impact.
We offer:
  • Sustainable solutions for teacher and leadership professional development.
  • Customised professional development for groups and individuals.
  • Putting teachers at the heart of professional learning.
  • Middle and senior leadership training.
  • Teacher leadership training.


School inspections and evaluations are high on the agenda of educational stakeholders. School inspections and evaluations are important for action planning and growth opportunities for any school. Sky Educate’s holistic school diagnostic services works to identify areas of strength and improvement in specific faculties or across a school, providing a purposeful starting point for sustained school improvement and self-evaluation.

We offer:

  • School startup, application and authorisation for accrediting bodies such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), NEASC, CIS and other local ministry accreditation.
  • Action planning and addressing school inspection or evaluation reports.
  • School and governing body/board advisory and strategic planning.
  • Strategic planning, self-study and evaluation support.
  • Staffing and recruitment at all levels.